• Mini Trolls (must be Accompanied by a adult) - Mini Trolls(must be Accompanied by a adult)
  • Junior Trolls - Junior Trolls
  • Other-5KM and 10KM - Individual Age group/open


The Troll Run has been designed to be fun for all taking part, weather you run the entire course or walk as long as you have fun that is all that matters.

There will only ever be one huge obstacle to overcome and that is Mother Nature herself. This is a  multi-terrain course, You get taken off the paths in a running experience like no other. There will be everything from tracks and trails to water-filled areas and plenty of steep hills. Expect to get Muddy and wet! When you challenge the TROLL.

To add to the Muddy Chaos and NaturalTerrain we are adding more Obsticles this year.

Event details and schedule

On the day you MUST bring your Email confirmtion and Signed Waiver

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