5th April 2020

At 7:58am we will call all runners to the start line.

At 8am all competitors set off on a 5km route that will bring them directly back to the check point.

If it takes them 35mins they would then have 25min at the check point to recover, refuel, get any treatment they need from sports therapists change kit etc.

At 8:58 we will call competitors back to the start line for the second 5km route and runners have to decide then if they are heading out on lap 2 and the set off at 9am.

This pattern continues until the last lap at 7pm where whichever runners have completed all the previous 11 laps will then RACE the last 5km which is where the winner is decided!

The aim of the event: To get through as many consecutive laps as you can out of the 12.

You have to get back from each lap in under 58mins for it to count and to get onto the next lap.

It is up to you how fast or slow you do each one depending on the strategy you want to use.

We will have limited spaces for this race due to the nature of the event and everyone will be competing as an individual.

HOWEVER, we are hoping that because people will all be at the check point together in each lap there will be a really strong community atmosphere so this is a perfect time to try and hit a new distance.

5km - on the hour - every hour - from 8am ‘till 8pm

Event details and schedule

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152 Huntingdon Wing, Fairfield Hall, Kingsley Avenue, Fairfield

Phone: 07557109407