Mayo Mud Run 2018

Saturday 7th April 2018

Moygownagh: Garranard, Ballina, Ireland

Mud running


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What Is the Mayo Mud Run?

This run is one of the first of its kind in the West of Ireland and is, after only two years in existence, one of the top three sporting events in Mayo. One thousand participants have now completed a course that is a fun activity and unlike your average cross-country run, we have a course that will challenge everyones grit and determination. In the last few years the activity has really gained ground and is enjoyed by young and old, fit and not-so-fit. As the run is only as competitive as the runner wants it to be, participants have to sprint, climb, crawl and generally muck their way to the finish line. It can also be a fantastic team-building event with lots of opportunities designed to improve team functioning and effectiveness. GAA teams, fitness clubs, Transition Year groups and social clubs enjoy the team aspect of the run without feeling intimidated by a course which is too challenging. So if you think mud running is not for you, think again!

The run is organised through Moygownagh GAA who host the event as a fund-raiser for the local Community Centre This provides community services for the whole parish of Moygownagh and its hinterlands. Local people volunteer to help with the administration of the Mud Run and help out as marshals, supervisors and first-aiders on site and provide refreshments on completion for all competitors in the Community Centre.

Event details and schedule

Details and Tips for Mayo Mud Run Race Day Saturday April 7th.
Arrive early!

Registration opens from 11am to 12.30pm!! There will be a lot of people (500+) so don’t leave it to the last minute to register!

There is plenty of parking around the Community Centre and up through the village of Moygownagh.
All registration is in the one room this year!
Online registration and pre-registered groups all sign in /waiver  together as individuals. Room is broken into alphabetical sections. Sign your waiver and collect goody bag.
On the day entries line up on the right hand side of the room to sign up/ waiver, pay and see if there are any goody bags left!
T-shirt Station is in the room (Daria’s Day Care) left of registration. Present your ticket (found in goody bag) and choose colour and size. Arrive early!!!
Bag and Key drop off is in the viewing stand left of the football pitch.
Familiarise yourself with the area have a walk around to see where toilets/changing areas/main hall/wash down area are all located.
12.30pm Welcome in the main hall with spot prize give away!
12.45pm Warm up in Community Centre.
12.55pm Move out onto main road for race start. 
Hot soup and rolls and home baked goodies served in the hall after the run for all competitors!

Arrive early!
Don’t wear your best runners & don’t forget to bring extra shoes……. because you won’t want to travel home in the muddy runners! There is a wash-down area but it aint no luxury power shower!
Bring baby wipes and an old towel……obvious reasons
Black bag to throw your muddy clothes in after
Bring comfortable warm easy to get into track suit for after the run!
To duct tape or not to duct tape!!! No point wrapping it around the sole of runners there’s a 1.5k run down to the course on the road it will be falling off by the time you meet any mud! But I have found over the years wrapping it around the ankles stops the pebbles getting into the runners! 
All obstacles are optional, give everything a go but if you don’t want to do an obstacle you don’t have to!
Visit our website for FAQ’s
Lastly just enjoy it and Go Muckin Crazzzzzzzyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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