In at the Deep End 2020

Sunday 27th September 2020

Dorney Lake: Eton College Rowing Centre, Dorney, United Kingdom



  • In at the Deep End 2020 - 1km - 1km Tetra Swim
  • In at the Deep End 2020 - 2.2km - 2.2km - One Full Length
  • In at the Deep End 2020 - 5km - 5km - One Full Lap
  • In at the Deep End 2020 - 10km - 10km - Two Full Laps
  • Deferral 2021 - Individual Age group/open


In at the Deep End 2020

Join Olympic swimmer Mark Foster and hundreds of other amazing people at the Olympic Lake in Eton for our first ever Swimming Challenge.

Choose to swim either a 2.2km (one full length), 5km (one complete lap) or 10km (two complete laps) course on this famous lake to raise vital funds and awareness of Regain Sports Tetraplegics Charity.

Through the charity’s incredible work, we’ll be helping countless people who have become paralysed in a sporting accident regain their independence.

We also have a specially designed 1km course for tetraplegic participants, who will be supported by Mark Foster and some other celebrity swimmers.

Deemed the best Olympic rowing venue by Denise Oswald (IOC member and FISA President), the Dorney Lake in Eton makes a brilliant location for our epic swimming challenge. But fear not – you don’t need to be an Olympic athlete to take part. People from all currents of life are welcome, as we come together for tetraplegics.

Kicking off the event with some vibrant entertainment, motivational speeches and an energised warm-up, you'll be buoyed up and raring to go by the time you start your swim.

Kitted with your In at the Deep End swim hat and time tag, we'll track your time - but it's not a race. Go at your own pace and enjoy the electric atmosphere!

We'll have a team of trained first-aiders, swimming specialists, life guards and medical support ready to help you out if needed.

Once you cross that beautiful finish line, we'll give you your In at the Deep End 2020 medal and feed the shark's appetite you've worked up with a tasty free meal and drink.

Help people regain their independence
The best part of this challenge is that it’s all for Regain Sports Charity. Regain is the only charitable organisation dedicated to improving the lives of people who have become tetraplegic in a sporting accident.

One minute these individuals are fit, active and healthy; the next they are paralysed and in need of support for the rest of their lives. Regain helps these people to regain their independence and get back into sport after their accident. Because Regain is a small charity with a very specific cause, your funds will go a long way into helping them carry out their work.

Places for our first ever swimming challenge are likely to go faster than Mark Foster himself, so please register early to secure your place.

Are you tetraplegic?
Tetraplegics are more than welcome to join the challenge. We'll have a separate course for you, specifically tailored to tetraplegics to ensure your safety.

If you're tetraplegic, please get in touch with Regain to arrange this. The best way is to email the charity at or visit their website here.

Event details and schedule

All event details can be found at

In the new year, we'll be sending you regular email updates as the challenge draws closer, including important information, so please make sure we have your best email address to ensure you see them.

We'll also send you your Swim Pack, with all final details, in the post 2 weeks before the event.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to get in touch with us by emailing or calling us during office hours on 01590 646410.

You may also want to join the In at the Deep End 2020 Facebook group, where you can chat with other swimmers, swap training and fundraising advice. You can even reach out to participants in your local area to train and fundraise together.

Training Plans

Below are the free In at the Deep End 2020 training plans for the 1km tetraplegic swim, the 2.2km, 5km and 10km distances. Please download the one for your selected distance and follow it as best you can:

Download the 2.2km Training Plan here

Download the 5km Training Plan here

Download the 10km Training Plan here

Download the 1km Tetraplegic Training Plan here

We also strongly recommend you see and follow our Open Water Swimming Advice here.

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