Grail Quest Race - Death of Kings

Saturday 5th September 2020

South West (Somerset): Upton Bridge Farm, Langport, United Kingdom

Mud running, Running


  • 1: Peasant's Revolt - 10.00am - Individual & Group Entry (full price £48)
  • 3: Hastings - 10.30am - Individual and Group Entry (full price £48)
  • 4: Doomsday - 10.45am - Individual and Group Entry (full price £48)
  • 5: Heathan - 11.00am - Individual and Group Entry (full price £48)
  • 6: Saxons - 11.15am - Individual and Group Entry (full price £48)
  • 7: House of Wessex - 11.30pm - Individual and Group Entry (full price £48)
  • 8: Camelot - 11.45pm - Individual and Group Entry (full price £48)
  • 9: Avalon - 12.00pm - Individual and Group Entry (full price £48)
  • 10: Harlequin - 12.15pm - Individual and Group Entry (full price £48)
  • 11: Vagabond - 12.30 - Individual Age group/open
  • 12: Death of Kings - 12.45 - Individual Age group/open
  • Mini Knights (Adults accompanying children must also purchase a mini ticket - unless already running the adult race) - 13.00 - Individual Age group/open
  • 16KM (Two Laps): 10.00am - Individual Age group/open


Grail Quest is a medieval themed obstacle course race based on the Somerset levels, taking place over approximately 8km. With 50+ obstacles ranging from dragging a cart to climbing the City Walls, you can be sure to expect some surprises and challenges along the way.


We also have a Medieval re-enactment group with axe throwing, archery, Skewered providing wholesome, nutritious food and the Milk Maids Arms serving delicious pints, cider and wine to quench you and your supporters thirst. A fun day for all the family and supporters with excellent viewing areas. Parking is free and onsite.

Do you have an eager little one? We also our famous “Mini-Knights” race for 7 to 15 year olds. They will complete around half the distance of the adults race and circa 90% of the same obstacles… a proper kids race.


For the super fit we have an option to do two laps, for the same price. Just enter the “16KM (Two Laps)” category.


If you love the bling but can’t make the day you can enter our “Virtual Race” where you simply run 8KM, send us a screenshot of the proof and we’ll send you the best bling in OCR.

Event details and schedule

Sign in at registration, at least one hour before your start wave.

The course will be 8KM with 50+ Obstacles.

Parking is free and onsite.

We suggest bringing a change of clothes as you're likely to get muddy and wet and also gloves to race in. We have a wash off area and changing tents.

It's likely to be warm but dress according to how you feel comfortable, in correct sports attire. Chain Mail will get many extra points though.

We will get in contact the week of the race to let you know more details on the format of the day.

Organised by

Grail Quest Race

23 High Street, Berkhamsted

Phone: 02071832130

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