Escape from Ireland's Eye Sea Swim 2024

Sunday 23rd June 2024

West Pier, Howth, Co. Dublin: West Pier, Howth, Co. Dublin, Howth, Ireland



Welcome to the Escape From Ireland's Eye Sea Swim.

This is a challenging tidal 2km Open Water Swim from the island of Ireland's Eye to the Claremont Beach, Howth, Co. Dublin.

This swim asks you to use your navigation skills as you curcumnavigate two low lying bouys before reaching the shores of Howth. This swim is not for the beginner. We ask for everyone to have completed at least 2.5 Km in tidal waters three times before the event date. 

Howth is a stunning fishing port set in North Co. Dublin. This is a swim not to be missed by any experienced sea swimmer.

Wetsuits are not compulsary but are advised. Please see the video below from 2015 compiled by one of our competitors to get a feel for this fun, friendly and challenging event.

Entry price is 60 euro up until the 1st March 2024 and then increases to 65 euro until the event sells out or until the 10th June 2024. 

Event details and schedule

Pre-registration online only until  10th June 2023 OR whenever Event Quota is Reached  - THERE IS NO ENTRY ON THE DAY. 


Free transfer of your entry can be done by the person holding the entry until 10th June 2024 only via their registration link.

Sun 23rd June 2024 

Race sign on 7 - 8am

Boat transfer to Ireland's Eye - 7.45 to 8.30am

Race start: 9am

First Finishers ETA: 9.25 am

Final Finishers ~10.10 am

Prize Presentation ~10.30 am

Race Preparation: Swm hats are given and event hats must be worn while swimming. Wetsuits are compulsary if water temperature is below 12C out side of that wetsuits are advised. Please bring your own swim goggles and swim bouys are permitted. 

Organised by

Howth Challenge Series

Deer Park Hotel Golf & Spa, Howth, Dublin

Phone: 0864119222

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