Desert Kit Run

Saturday 16th December 2017

Farnham: Farnham Methodist Church Hall, Farnham, United Kingdom



Welcome to the Desert Kit Run Event. Based at Farnam, the 20 mile route is along the North Downs Way and will enable those who have places in the 2018 MDS to test their kit along the 20 mile route.

Desert "kit test" run. Fail to prepare and you prepare to fail. Specific training is key to succeeding in the desert. Covering distance with a 6 - 8kg pack on your back is very different to covering ground with an ultra vest.

Susie Chan one of the Extreme Energy team is organising this days event to give you a chance to test your pack, running with weight, and meeting other people that are going to be with you in Morocco. It is a free to enter days training, not an official days race, so there will be no medical cover or support enroute. Just a start and finish at Farnham Methodist Church Hall, and a car with some water halfway. So you need to be self sufficient. Full address below.

We will have several "guides" out running with you so that we can split into different paced groups. You will also be given a map and gps file of the route.

As they say in the British Special Forces - train hard, fight easy - so for the desert - train hard and make taking part easier. 

Farnham Methodist Church Hall
South Street


Event details and schedule

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Organised by

Extreme Energy

Akeman Business Park, Akeman Street,, Tring,

Phone: 07761419226

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