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Ruff Dugger is trail / mud / obstacle runs you can take part in with or without your dog. This will test your fitness and team working skills to the max. Come and take part in Scotland’s leading obstacle , mud trail run for runners with their dogs.

Our next event will be held at Culzean Castle, Maybole Ayrshire

Address: Culzean Castle, Maybole KA19 8LE

Please print off your entry receipt or screen shot on phone for free entry at Country Park pay box. 

This is set to be our most spectacular event yet. With a little less mud or obstacles this time we are planning more trails, mileage and breath-taking views and scenery . 


Running through the cliff edge trails round the side of the historic Castle, through natural twisting forest trails and skirting round the beach . This course will be a stunning run with challenging climbs and longer mileage to make up for lack of time usually spent in mud pits . 


We welcome all levels of dog runners , from fast elite canicrossers , to those wanting to run with friends and those preferring to hike round. 


Event details and schedule

 “Technical, muddy, off track routes that will test your determination and team work with your dog. With natural obstacles to get over, up, through and down this is set to be fantastic fun and adventure you won’t forget! Run the course on your own, or with your dog" 

You can enter as a team, join a friend and help each other out. Team will consist of 2 adults,  at least 1 team mate must have a dog.   Stalls , Cafe and Hot food . Don’t forget your towel and clean clothes for after .

This is not a race, this is a fun challenge. Finisher medals for all who finish, and goodie bags on the day. 

There will be no times, so wear your watch if you are keen to know your time. 

Event details and schedule


Facilities: Access to water , toilets , stalls , merchandise, hot food and more on site  . Registration open  from 9:30 am 

Briefing for Adults 10:30 am 

Event starts at 11:00 am 

Adults and teams off first .

Briefing for kids : 12:30 am

Kids start at 1pm 

Course Mileage : We aim to have the course longer than usual approx 5-7km , route changes can take place due to work on the estate . 

Mileage for kids course will be approx 3km . 


 Event details and schedule


Bib nos can be collected at registration. New participants must attend the briefing . Equipment will be checked. No anti pull harness, head collars , or choking collars, flexi / extendable leads permitted. 

Comfortable harness, flat collar, and 2m long lead allowed. Canicross equipment is advised but not a must. 

Kids aged 7-10 must be accompanied by an adult around the course for safety. Children should not be in control of large, strong or anti social dogs at any time. Adults can accopmany older children if they wish also. Adults do not need to enter just run with the child. 

Please clear all rubbish , pick up after your dog at all times. Keep dogs on the lead at all times. For more information get in touch. 


Parking : Please park at the Swan Pond, follow signs and parking marshals will be on site at the Swan Pond area to instruct you where to park.


You can canicross this or run your dog on a lead, no choking mechanisms or anti pull allowed, dogs must be 12 months and over.

Please check your equipment is safe, comfortable for your dog and permitted before coming along. People who are running in un safe and restricting equipment for dogs, will be told not to run. Dog's welfare comes first. 

Anti pull harness, head collar, flexi leads, check collars are all on the NO list. You are best in canicross kit , if in doubt send us a message, come prepared ! 

Dogs who wear a muzzle whilst running, must have an open basket, or grey hound racing type muzzle, one that allows opening of mouth fully. 

No need to be a Pro at running come have some fun with your 4 legged friend.

It is your responsibility to ensure your dog can physically and mentally cope with this type of event. Dog's excitement will be heightened, there will be passing on the trail. You should be able to fully control your dog, and have them happy to cope with this environment. 

You will be given a start time, this is for safety, we can not allow more than 2 people to start at one time, for the sake of the dogs we want to avoid congestion on the trails. Our starts are staggered for safety and enjoyment of everyone on the trail. 

If you want to run with friends enter as a team, however no more than 2 people running a breast at one time. This is not a human obstacle event, we have dogs to consider also. 

Kids aged 7-10 must be accompanied by an adult around the course for safety. Children should not be in control of large, strong or anti social dogs at any time. Adults can accopamany older children if they wish also. Adults do not need to enter just run with the child. 

CANCELLATIONS – Should you be unable to attend the event then please contact the organiser by email as an official waiting list may be in place. To claim a refund should competitor(s) be unable to attend please send a self addressed stamped envelope to the organiser. Any requests for refunds must be made 30 days prior to the event date, this will be entry fee minus costs the organiser has incurred. Should the event need to be cancelled for reasons out with the organiser’s control a refund will be available again minus costs the organiser has incurred. If the event is postponed then the entry can be transferred to the rearranged event. NOTE the organiser is unable to transfer entries to other runners.



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5 Kilmarnock Road, Kilmaurs

Phone: 07709394667

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