The Champion of Champions will consist of 9 laps of Sandycove Island broken into 3 swims. The first swim will be 5 laps, the second will be 3 laps, and the third swim will be 1 lap. 

All swimmers need to have completed a 5km swim in cold open water in 2024 prior to the event. Additionally, swimmers need to be able to complete a mile in 45 minutes or under.

This event is insured by Sandycove Island Swim Club. To comply with our insurance requirements, all swimmers need to be a member of a FINA affiliated swim club.

Event details and schedule

Registration will take place on the morning of the swim. More details will follow once we have organised the schedule for the day.

Hot water will be provided for feeds and drinks. All feeding will take place from the slipway. 

Sandycove Island is not close to shops so please bring what you need for the day. We will provide food such as soup and sandwiches but will not be catering for any special requirements.

Organised by

Sandycove Island Swim Club

28 Shearwater, Pier road, Kinsale

Phone: 0870000000