Boru3Peaks 2019

Saturday 30th March 2019

Moylussa: Ballycuggaran Woods, Killaloe, Ireland



  • Peak 1, Moylussa, 30th March, 10am - Individual
  • Peak 1, Moylussa, 30th March, 10am - Under 18/Students/OAP
  • Peak 1, Moylussa, 30th March, 10am - Group-registration (minimum of 6 participants)
  • Peak 2, Tountina, Sat 30th, 7pm - Individual
  • Peak 2, Tountina, Sat 30th, 7pm - Under 18/Students/OAP
  • Peak 2, Tountina, Sat 30th, 7pm - Group-registration (minimum of 6 participants)
  • Peak 3, Keeper Hill, 31st March, 12noon - Individual
  • Peak 3, Keeper Hill, 31st March, 12noon - Under 18/Students/OAP
  • Peak 3, Keeper Hill, 31st March, 12noon - Group-registration (minimum of 6 participants)
  • Enter 2 Peaks - Individual
  • Enter 2 Peaks - Under 18/Students/OAP
  • Enter 2 Peaks - Group-registration (minimum of 6 participants)
  • Enter all 3 Peaks - Individual
  • Enter all 3 Peaks - Under 18/Students/OAP
  • Enter all 3 Peaks - Group-registration (minimum of 6 participants)


Boru3Peak takes place in the Killaloe/Ballina area, on the 30th and 31st of March 2019.  You can enter one, two or all three events.  It is open to everyone from the speediest hill runner to the casual walker and everyone in between.  If you’ve never ventured into the hills before, make this your first – you won’t regret it!

Saturday 30th March 2019 10:00am:

Moylussa (532 mts)event – starting 10am from the carpark at Twomilegate just 2 kilometers from Killaloe on the Scarriff road (plenty of parking available).  We start by walking up Ballycuggaran forrest and then rise above the tree line -with spectacular panoramic views of Lough Derg, Killaloe/Ballina, and the surrounding hills and countryside.  Up to this point all walking is on well surfaced forest tracks, then we climb up onto a boggy road up to the highest point in Clare.  The bog track will be the biggest challenge of this leg of the event and you will get mucky so come prepared.

Sat Evening/night Event

Tountinna(457 mts) event – starting 6.30pm from base of Tountinna.  We will post more information about the meeting point for this event nearer the time- as due to limited parking we will have to car pool from Ballina/Killaloe.  If you haven’t seen the Lough Derg Valley from any of the viewing points surrounding it at night, then this is the event for you. The path is mostly paved (rough at parts) with some trail paths in between.  There will be plenty of marshalls en-route to ensure you’re on the correct path and safe at all times.  The views from the top are a real treat- you can expect to see the whole Lough Derg valley with views extending from Galway to Kerry and all the villages in between and of course the mighty Lough Derg.

Sunday 31st 12pm Keeper Hill

Keeper Hill (694mts) event- starting 12pm in Doonane carpark, Toor, Co.Tipperary. This event is the highest of our three peaks challenge and in fact is the highest mountain in the Shannon area and the 117th highest in Ireland!  The summit, 16k return,  is designated as a National Heritage Area, considered important for the habitats present and species of plants and animals whose habitat needs protection and will reward you with glorious views of the surrounding valleys. The route is waymarked the whole way to the summit but marshalls will be out to point you all in the right direction.  The course is all on forestry tracks and woodland trails.

Event details and schedule

Peak 1 Sat 30th March 10am Moylussa

Peak 2 Sat 30th March 6.45pm Tountinna

Peak 3 Sun 31st March 12noon Keeper Hill

Please wear appropriate clothes for hill running and walking and be prepared for weeather (sunscreen, hats, weatherproof clothing), bring sufficent food.  No showers available on site.

Moylussa has plenty of parking on site (two mile gate on the Scarriff road R463). But because Tountinna and Keeper hill have restrictions, car pooling is necessary.
Tountinna will be car pooled from registration point to be dsignated closer the date.
Keeper hill will be car pooled from the Swimming Pool car park in Ballina for all those coming from Ballina/Killaloe direction and parking is available at Doonane Car park at start also.

Organised by

Boru 3 Peaks

2 Beal Boru,, New St, Killaloe

Phone: 0851663907

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