Bangers and Bikes Salisbury Sportive

Saturday 12th May 2018

Salisbury Fire Station: Ashley Road, Salisbury, United Kingdom

Cycling, 15K


  • Epic Cycling-75k Bangers & Bikes Sportive - Adult Entry on 75k Epic Cycle Route
  • Standard Cycling-32k Bangers & Bikes Sportive - Adult Entry on 32k Standard Bangers & Bikes
  • Standard Cycling-32k Bangers & Bikes Sportive - Under 16 on 32k Standard Route
  • Short Cycling-15k Bangers & Bikes Sportive - Adult on 15k Short Bangers & Bikes Sportive
  • Short Cycling-15k Bangers & Bikes Sportive - Under 16 on 15k Short Bangers Sportive
  • Cycling on 100k-Hot Route Bangers & Bikes Sportive - Adult Entry on 100k Hot Route Bangers & Bikes Sportive


The 2nd Bangers & Bikes Salisbury Sportive will take place on Sunday 13th May 2018 out from Salisbury Fire Station - over 4 courses around the beautiful Wiltshire Countryside.  There is a choice of a short 15k, suitable for the younger riders, a Standard 32k and the Epic 75k and now a 100k Century cycle - all to the North of the Medieval City of Salisbury - taking in existing parts of the Wiltshire Cycle Way and into the Woodford Valley, with the longer option also

taking in Amesbury, Shrewton - passing close to Stonehenge in Wessex.

Registration opens at 8am within Salisbury Fire Station and there are timed starts:

1) From 09:30 for the 100k Hot Route

2) From 09:45 for the 75k Epic Route

3) From 10:00 for the 32k Standard and 15k Short Route

Event details and schedule

Please bring to the respective distance Desks your: *On-line Registration Confirmation, or Postal Entry Joining Leter, some form of ID, a fully serviced bike plus helmet and suitable bright and safe clothing for any weather that may effect you on the day.

Parking is FREE and adjacent to the Salisbury Fire Station on Ashley Green - SP2 7TN *(but subject to ground conditions of grassed area/Open Space.

There will be Mechanical and Medical support - Water (and on the 100k Hot and 75k Epic) Food Stops en-route - Pick Up wagons - Simple direction Marking and marshals on the Short and Standard routes - Maps available - Bangers upon return - Bike Wash facilities - Completion Certificate upon request - Spot prizes and fundraising raffles.

Event Images