• 24 Hour - Individual Age group/open
  • 12 Hour - Individual Age group/open
  • 6 Hour - Individual Age group/open
  • Relay - Individual Age group/open


The Shore 24 takes place on a 400 Metre Track on the Shoreline Athletic Track, Greystones, Co. Wicklow,

The Shore 24 has 4 race categories! 2 Hour, 12 Hour, 6 Hour and Relay.

All 4 races are AAI approved and measured. Participants receive unique medals, trophies and prizes. 

There is a great local history of 24 Hour and Ultra Running in Greystones.

Look forward to seeing you on Race Day.

Event details and schedule

Registration is at Start/Finish Area on the 15th of April 2017 from 10am to 11am. 1 Hour Prior to Race where competitors will collect a Goody Bag including a race chip,a T-shirt and 2 numbers.

All competitors( plus 1 lead helper if desired) must attend the race briefing at 11.15am. Only team captains need attend.

The race will start at noon for the 24-hour,the 12-hour, 6 hour and the relay.

We will have showers Available at the Finish in the Go Gym. (to be confirmed)

Hot soup/Sandwiches/Tea/Coffee, Water, bananas and energy bars will be available at the Organiser’s table. Other tables will be made available for competitors and crew.

Please feel free to bring along the family for a bit of fun.

Feel free to have support along the course. Family, Children, Dogs, Uncles, Wifes, Husbands or whoever you think might help.

There are car park spaces available at the Track.

Each lap will be 400 metres.

The men’s, women’s and team winners will be the competitors who record the greatest distance in a 24-hour or 12-hour period.

Relay teams must include at least one woman.Each member will do 3 stints of 2 hours. They will be directed into a box to transfer the chip.

Relay teams will have just 1 chip and must change it every 2 hours.

To have your laps recorded you must wear the chip provided and you must cross the mat each time.(You should check your chip is working before the start).

There will be two sets of mats interspersed around the start area + a monitor.

There will be a change of direction every 4 hours.

You cannot be paced during the race.

Your coloured number must be clearly visible at all times.

You are allowed up to a maximum of 4 helpers(crew).

You must devise your own race strategy whether to run,jog,walk or whether to step off the course for toilet breaks or rest periods.

You must leave the course at the Exit sign and return before the timing mats.
It is important that you be aware of faster runners coming through.‘Headphones’ are permitted but you must remain alert to this.

A physio/massage team will be available in the main marquee. You must give your consent before you avail of this treatment. Paramedics will also be in attendance.

Please inform officials at Registration of any known medical condition.

You must heed medical advice.

You must tell an Official if you retire during the race.

Updates on progress will be posted on a Trackside monitor. The Championchip lap scoring tent is out of bounds. All queries should be directed to the Course Manager.

A hooter will sound to signal that 12-hrs or 24-hrs is over. If you are still on the course you will be given a number before this happens. You must stop where you are and place the number on the side of the course. The spot will be measured.

There will be awards for the 24,12, 6-hour  and Relay winners. 

Every entrant will receive a medal and a T-shirt.

Adjudication on any matter relating to the event will be made by the Race Referee.Appeals should be placed with the Referee.

Tents can be pitched in the designated area near the start. Only official vehicles are allowed beyond the car-park. Camper vans are not permitted in the tented area as there is no access.

There will be toilets on the Track.

Please be careful with litter/plastic bottles on the track. There will be bins for use around the circuit; and black bags around the tented area. Take any rubbish away with you at the end.

Entrants should volunteer members of their team/family to help the organisers.

There will be a prize-giving reception in a marquee in the park near the start as close to 1pm as is possible on Sunday.



Organised by


Ashtown, Roundwood

Phone: 00353861785625

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