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The Lock to Lock Swim Series takes place in the River Thames in Oxfordshire. 

You will experience wild open water swimming with a backdrop of unspoilt 
pastures, overlooked by Oxford University's semi ancient Wytham Woods - setting your swim in beautiful surroundings. 

Meandering downstream following the contours of the river, your journey will be fully supported by safety crew all the way, watching from the rescue boats and safety kayaks.

This magical stretch of river has been the inspiration for artists and authors throughout the years. 

Once you have finished your adventure, we will refresh and nourish you with tea, freshly brewed coffee and homemade cakes - all inclusive.

We are deeply passionate about the adventure and journey of open water swimming; it doesn't have to be raced. 

The positive far-reaching impact of our events has proved hugely beneficial for the swimmers in their joining together, and for the massive fundraising opportunities taken. 

If you are planning to fundraise please let us know. 

We wish you a safe journey. 

Darrin Roles
Swim Oxford Ltd 

Event details and schedule


18th June 2017 

4K Lock to Lock Thames River Swim starting at Eynsham Lock OX29 4BY.

Finishing at King's Lock OX2 8PY. 

Registration: 6.00am 
Swim Start: 7.30am 
Siemens Magnet Technology,  
Wharf Rd, Eynsham, Witney OX29 7UH. 
Parking is available at Registration. 

Arrive at registration with all your swimming kit, bag and change of clothes for after the swim. 

Register yourself (ID), collect wristbands for bags and timing, flip flops. 

Please follow directions to the start point, about 10min walk. 

You should have signed a waiver on booking with, if not you MUST sign at 

We hold NO RESPONSIBILITY for any family or friends, they can walk the entire route to 
the end at their own risk along the Thames footpath. 

Start point, by the river: 
Toilets, baggage point, put your bags in the transport vehicles for collection at the 

Attach wristbands to your wrist, bag and flip flops. You will have 4 in total, including one for the coach shuttle ticket back to the start, if you pay a £3.50 fee on when signing up for the event. 

Make sure you cover any open cuts with a plaster before river entry. 
Medics will be on hand at the start. 
Safety crew will be ready in the water beforehand. 
Listen to the safety briefing. 
Gather your thoughts, enjoy your journey. 
At any point should you wish to stop signal to the safety kayaks and you will be helped out. 
Once out it is your responsibility to get to the finish point where possible. 
Finish Point will be marked and marshals will help you out of the river. Collect your flip flops - numbers will be attached. 
Short walk across the field to changing tents, café, toilets, coach shuttle back to the 

We wish you well on your safe journey home and please drive carefully or have a friend or family member help you. 

On behalf of all the magnificent dedicated Swim Oxford volunteers, thank you. 

Darrin Roles
Swim Oxford Ltd 

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Swim Oxford Ltd

11 Shipton Road, Woodstock

Phone: 07717803235

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